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Shopping for car insurance is the most important process you will go through with every vehicle you own. The company you choose, coverage that protects you and premiums you pay will impact your budget, your safety and your overall driving experience. Many companies will compete to serve you and your automotive insurance needs, but comparing their coverage offerings, deductibles and overall affordability can take time. Fortunately, the internet can make this process simple and painless, allowing you to view a full range of options with only a few clicks of your mouse.

When you begin shopping for car insurance, make a list of what you are looking for before you start comparing your options. If you are currently insured, evaluate your coverage. Are you satisfied with what your options are but simply seeking lower rates? Are you happy with your rate, but not with your coverage? What specific aspects of your carrier would you keep, or change? If you are looking to change coverage on a vehicle you already own or lease, keep in mind what your lease or financing contract may state about required levels of coverage. If you owe money on your vehicle, you most likely are required to carry certain types or amounts of coverage. If you are looking for coverage for a vehicle you do not yet own, always do your homework before making your purchase. Certain types of vehicles, or vehicles above a certain value can significantly impact the monthly, quarterly or annual premiums you will pay.

After evaluating the options or coverage you desire, carefully analyze your driving record. The number of speeding tickets, moving vehicle violations, more serious offenses or accidents youíve been involved in will impact the premiums you will be charged for coverage. Request an official copy of your driving record from the state in which you live. Verify that any notations are correct, and request any corrections or retractions necessary. When asked by a potential carrier what incidents youíve been charged with, answer honestly. A carrier can request a copy of your record and later amend your premiums to reflect any dings. Be aware of how long it may take for certain offenses or accidents to come off your record in the state in which you live. When you are involved in a traffic stop, ask for a deferred adjudication or defensive driving option as your penalty. This can prevent your driving record from being marred.

When you begin comparing insurance carriers, utilize the internet to make your job easier. Fully investigate the ramifications of certain types of coverage. After doing so, choose the coverage that suits your lifestyle, but donít fall into the trap of purchasing insurance you may not need. Insurance companies will often try to bundle certain types of required coverage with options that simply add on to your bottom line. A good example of this would be towing and rental coverage. If you carry AAA or your manufacturer offers this type of cover, adding this to your insurance simply costs you money while not adding any benefit.

Finally, examine your vehicle and lifestyle for options that may save you money. Have you recently taken a defensive driving course? This can reduce your premium. Do you use your car only for a short daily commute? Is your vehicle always parked in a covered area? Do you have an alarm system installed, or antilock brakes? All of these options can save you money. Do you have multiple vehicles belonging to drivers in your household? You may qualify for a multi-driver/multi-vehicle discount. Do the carriers you are investigating also offer renterís or homeownerís insurance? Another discount awaits. Most importantly, do not make a decision on your car insurance without using the resources available through the power of the internet to fully understand your options. The decision you make can make the experience of shopping for car insurance both pleasant and profitable.

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